Oh cool, you have a blog

Yes, I have a blog. Yes, I am 24 and I have a blog, and there are many hundreds of thousands of people who are not me who should probably have a blog instead, but here I am. And here is why: I’ve been told I smell like cookie dough and that I have an old soul, so there is most certainly some wise old womanly knowledge about to drop out of me. But, really, I’m 24 and making my way in the 4th major American city I’ve lived in, the 3rd one I’ve moved to with no friends my age, and I have some thoughts on this old liberal millennial city life.

No, not hot takes. Thoughts.

So I’m not here to talk to you about the latest news, and I don’t even necessarily think I’ll have much of interest for you. I do, however, have an eagle eye for cute dogs and rapid-fire fingers to snap pictures of them with, a knack for trying the latest lifestyle trends (single-tasking, anyone?), and a whole lotta time to spend learning through trial and error how to make adult friends in an adult(ish) city as a newly-knighted adult.

I’m also declaring this an emoji-and-GIF free zone, so predictably I’m having a difficult time signing off. I suppose all I can say is thanks for being along for the ride. Let’s do it.


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